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openCl/openGl interop with threaded Qt widgets (mainly QGLWidget)

Its been a while but after a recent issue I had with openGL/openCL interops on a project for live stitch video panorams (see stackoverflow) I told myself I would make time to write out a little threaded Qt based openGL/openCL program and here I am finally.

This post is going to cover mainly 2 items. First openGL/openCL interop using the c++ interface for openCL and second threaded QGLWidgets sharing the same context as well as the same openGL/openCL textures. I have posted the code up on github( for you to look through. See the bottom of this post on suggestions for compiling.


GWT JsArray to List with JavaScriptObject overlays

Well I was able to build on my last attempt with Google Web Toolkit to convert to a List (see GWT JsArray to List (with a caveat) and create one that does not break GWT's type handling. I have added 3 files


I added the JsArrayExtend to provide more native functions to the javascript array that were not present in JsArray. It might be nice if these function were added to the standard JsArray but for now the extended class will keep you from using a patch and recompiling GWT.

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GWT JsArray to List (with a caveat)

Edit: Caveat: seems GWT's class typing tools has an issue with inheriting anything other than a JavaScriptObject with any of type JavaScriptObject. You can compile to native javascript fine but hosted mode and the designer will not work. More on this at the end.

Started working with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) here recently and ran into an issue trying to get my php backend to upload data to the GWT client with JSON. I was trying to use the JavaScriptObject overlays (specifically JsArray) to read the JSON encoded data into a CellTable. Unfortunately the CellTable only takes List<T> as an object to fill out the rows.

public void setRowData(int start, java.util.List<extends T> values)

I did not want to translate the JsArray to a List<T> directly so taking an idea from Eduard Wirch, who posted here, I built a JsList<T extends JavaScriptObject> which extends JavaScriptObject and implements List<T>. I did not complete all the function in the JsList but none the less it seems to work well.

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Intergrating GWT with cakePHP back-end.

Started integrating Google Web Toolkit (GWT) with the my cakePHP back-end. Few hiccups in the beginning but seems to be coming along. Will try to post a how-to later as I never really found a good one on the web and maybe I can help out someone else.

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Support site for Immersive Media up.

Finally got the support site for ImmersiveMedia working pretty well. Curious what ImmersiveMedia is pop over to the website and check out a few 360 videos.


Immersive Ventures purchases assets of Immersive Media

VANCOUVER - April 1, 2011 - Immersive Ventures Inc. announces the acquisition of the assets of Immersive Media Company and IM Sensors Inc.
The acquisition solidifies Immersive Ventures position as the leader in 360-degree video capture, creation, production and distribution. "This is a significant addition to our patent and IP portfolio as well as an opportunity to grow the largest 360 video content repository and customer base" said Myles McGovern, CEO of Immersive Ventures.
The intent is to continue operations under the brand name of Immersive Media Company (IMC) who successfully pioneered the immersive market with leading brands such as
Google Street View,MapQuest,Microsoft,MSNBC,CNN and CBC Hockey Night in Canada.

Immersive Ventures up.

Finally finished up some last minute edits of the Immersive Ventures site before the Black Eyed Peas app went live. Anyone with a iPhone (or pretty much anything run iOS) pop over to Will.I.Apps and grab yourself a copy. Immersive Ventures build the software and tools need for 360 degree video, originally used for Google's streetview.


New features coming to NationalHotlist

Working on a lot of new stuff for the NationalHotlist hope to go live with all of the changes in the very near future. Spotter cars pulling in a lot of data and the hits are flowing.